2011 International Goodjer Day Print (Pre-Order)

Charity is a funny thing. We know that it's good to give but often we need a little something extra to get us motivated enough to chip in. Giving is fun but getting in return makes it so much better.

With that in mind, I'd like to present the 2011 GWJ Fundraising poster made by our own bombsfall. Talking it up would just ruin it. Just look at that thing.

So this season, the one that you're encouraged to give so much, feel free to get yourself something awesome while you do it. Shipping is included in the price and 100% of the profit goes to Child's Play.

  About the Artist:

Scott Benson is an animator and illustrator. His work can be seen at bombsfall.com

A note about shipping: We take orders in batches. The cut-off times are for their respecitive batches so we can make sure everyone gets their prints at around the same time.

Only $20
The batch cutoff time has been reached
Print size is 14" 20"
Order by Wed, Dec 14th for
Christmas delivery
Order cut-off is Thu, Jan 5th
Want to support Child's Play
but not wanting a print?